How to Celebrate World School Milk Day in Your School

Plan an activity, big or small, to mark the occasion. It can be as simple as mentioning World School Milk Day to the whole school as you begin your milk program or an event that requires a little bit of planning. Here a few ideas to get you started, we encourage you to create your own and let us know about it!

  • Have students choose a popular song or rap and recreate its lyrics to go with a milk theme.
    Perform it.
  • Have students dress in black and white to celebrate the Holstein cow or do cow spotted face painting.
  • Have students enter in a Moo-ing contest and Moo like a cow. The judges pick the top Moo-ers.
  • Have students research the word “milk” in different languages. Ask them to create a poster advertising milk in another language.
  • Create a wall mural using a picture of the world as a center-point. Have students surround the earth with a collage of healthy foods including milk products and pictures of people to represent the importance of nutrition.
  • Make a Milk Mustache display. Take snapshots of students with their best milk moustaches!
  • Milk Carton Bowling - Take empty 1 litre or 2 litre milk cartons and fill bottom with a little sand or material to weigh them down. Set up bowling alley or alleys and hold a competition or tournament to determine the best bowler.
  • Have students design new graphics for milk cartons.
  • Have a milk lunch party. Make milkshakes (chocolate or fruit flavors, etc) to share with the class.
  • Hold a cow milking contest using rubber gloves. Fill the rubber gloves with water and poke tiny pinholes in the tips of the fingers.
  • Show kids how to make butter
    or ice cream


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