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FAQ - Water Testing

Last Updated: May 17, 2012
Q. Why is potable water important to milk quality and safety?
A. Milkhouse water used to clean the bulk tank and pipeline directly affects milk quality. Contaminated water can contain bacteria that survive pasteurization and reduces shelf life and product quality.
Q. What should milkhouse water be tested for?
A. Milkhouse water should be tested for both E-coli and total coliforms.
Q. How do I get a water sample tested?
A. Water samples taken from the house can be brought to the local health unit and tested free of charge.
Q. So, what happens if I have water that does not meet requirements?
A. Dairy Farmers of Ontario has developed clear step-by-step guidelines to follow when a water sample test result indicates that the water does not meet requirements. This booklet, "Water Used to Wash Milk Contact Surfaces" was distributed with The Milk Producer Magazine in July 2004.
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