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FAQ - Dairy Education

Last Updated: February 20, 2013
Q. What is the Dairy Education Program?
A. This is an educational program sponsored by Dairy Farmers of Ontario. Teachers in Ontario are invited to have a Dairy Educator present to their classroom. Their role is to educate students in the areas of dairy farming, processing of milk products, technology on the farm, dairy goodness and careers in the dairy industry in a manner which is consistent with the latest Ontario Curriculum.
Q. Is this program FREE?
A. YES, this is free to all schools in Ontario, Canada.
Q. What grade level does this program accommodate?
A. This program is aimed at primary and junior level classes. However, intermediate grades may also benefit from this program.
Q. How long are the presentations?
A. The Dairy Educator usually holds presentations which are 45-60 minutes in length.
Q. Who are the Dairy Educators?
A. Every county or region in Ontario should have a Dairy Educator. Dairy Educators are hired by dairy farmers across the province. Their backgrounds and experiences may vary. Most Dairy Educators are owners of successful dairy farms. Some may hold teaching certificates, ECE diplomas, Agricultural, Health Sciences or related degrees/diplomas. One thing they all have in common is their knowledge, expertise and dedication to the dairy industry.
Q. What supplies or AV equipment should the classroom teacher have available for the Dairy Educator?
  • a table or a couple of desks to lay out supplies and props
  • TV/VCR
  • board space or wall space for posters and other visual aids
  • overhead projector may be required
Q. How can I reach the Dairy Educator in my region?
A.Information posters are generally mailed to all schools in September or early October. If your school has not received a poster by that time, you may wish to check the listings of Dairy Educators on our Web site. You may also inquire by calling the Dairy Education Program at Dairy Farmers of Ontario (905) 821-8970, ext 2176.
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