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About DFO - Policy Making

Last Updated: October 17, 2012

Board Members are elected on a rotating basis (three each year) by their peers (other dairy farmers) for a four-year term. Board Members annually elect a Chair and Vice-Chair from amongst themselves.

Board Members spend one-third of their working days on DFO-related business. In addition to monthly board meetings, members sit on various internal and industry committees. Internal committees deal with such matters as quota, milk pricing strategy, raw milk quality, research, planning, transportation and Canada's National Dairy Policy. In this latter area, DFO has input into the national dairy program through Dairy Farmers of Canada and representation on the Canadian Milk Supply Management Committee.

There are also statutory committees, chaired by the Farm Products Marketing Commission. These committees, on Milk, Transportation, and Cheese, advise the DFO Board. This process provides various sectors of the industry an opportunity to have input into DFO policies and programs to the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Board Members participate in many agricultural and dairy industry events, and must keep in close contact with Dairy Producer Committees and individual producers in their regions.

Through the Chair, the Secretariat is responsible to the board to ensure policies are recorded, meetings are held regularly, and are fully documented, and that DFO's obligations and responsibilities under the Milk Act are carried out.




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