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Bulk Tank Milk Grader Certification Program

Last Updated: September 3, 2014

The Bulk Tank Milk Grader (BTMG) plays a significant role within Ontario's dairy industry. They are responsible for determining the volume of milk marketed by the producer and for the sampling of the milk to determine both its composition and quality. In addition, through their grading of the milk, they are responsible for ensuring that only quality milk leaves the farm.

Due to the significance of this position, BTMGs must possess a current BTMG's Certificate and be employed by a licenced milk transportation company. While Dairy Farmers of Ontario administers the BTMG Program, it is the Director of Regulatory Compliance who issues the BTMG Certificate to those individuals who have received an apprentice evaluation and have successfully completed a BTMG course.

The apprentice evaluation consists of a supervised truck ride, where a DFO Marketing Officer evaluates the applicant's performance.

The BTMG course is a two and a half-day session that provides the applicant with practical milk grading experience and an outline of the responsibilities of a BTMG.

At the end of each course, the applicant is tested on their ability to grade milk and their understanding of the responsibilities and duties of a BTMG. To achieve a pass mark, the applicant must obtain a minimum of 70 per cent on both the written and the practical exam.

Individuals who are not employed by a transporter may also attend a BTMG course. However, upon successful completion of the course, they will be issued a Letter of Achievement rather than a BTMG Certificate.

Individuals possessing a Letter of Achievement may be issued a BTMG Certificate if they enter the employment of a licenced transporter within twelve months of receiving their Letter of Achievement. After twelve months, they will be required to re-take and successfully complete an additional BTMG course and truck ride evaluation.

BTMG Certificates are valid for five years. Graders wishing to renew their certificates are required to have a truck ride evaluation and attend a mandatory refresher course. Successful completion of the refresher course requires that the grader obtain a minimum of 70 per cent on both the written and the milk-grading portions of the exam. The written exam portion of the refresher course is a take-home, open-book exam that is provided in advance. It should be completed in advance and handed in at the refresher course for grading.

For further information on the Bulk Tank Milk Grader Certificate, please direct your inquiries to

Bulk Tank Milk Grader Course Information

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