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Marketing Milk

Last Updated: May 11, 2015

Dairy is the largest agriculture sector in Ontario, making up close to 20 per cent of the province's agricultural products.

Ontario's 4,000 dairy farmers produce 2.5 billion litres of milk each year (that's enough to fill the Rogers Centre twice).

We're committed to providing a steady supply of high-quality milk products at a reasonable price.
Prices paid by processors are based on production costs on efficient farms.
There is no control of Ontario's retail pricing.

Efficiency improvements lower farm costs and this means lower costs for consumers.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario enforces a quality assurance program encompassing Grade A farm and raw milk quality standards, as well as truck-tank inspections and bulk tank milk grader certification. Programs to help farmers keep up-to-date with the competitive new production technologies that help keep costs down are also a high priority.

Other activities involve the transporting of all milk to dairies. Dairy Farmers of Ontario enhances promotion and advertising of milk by assisting with custom truck wraps on bulk tank milk trucks across the province. Click here for examples of these truck wraps.

Farm to Table

The Dairy Farmers of Canada From Farm to Table Experience strives to educate families about life on a farm, the dairy process and how their milk gets From Farm to Table. Click here for more information.

Take a tour of a dairy farm

Take a tour of a dairy farmThis link takes you to a virtual tour of two real dairy farms online.
In addition to learning more about life on a dairy farm, you can view videoclips and interviews.


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