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Last Updated: June 24, 2019

Dairy Farmers of Ontario produces publications for a wide variety of audiences.
We hope you find the online versions of the publications available below to be useful and informative.

Dairy Farmer Update

Dairy Farmer Update is a monthly newsletter provided to dairy farmers in the province with their milk statements.

Milk Producer

Milk Producer, a monthly magazine, is read by dairy farmers across Canada. Content includes policy analysis, market updates and farm management information:

2019 Dairy Farmers of Ontario Annual Report

An overview of the operations of the farmer-owned marketing group including milk quality, transportation advertising programs and complete financial statements.

Dairy Statistical Handbook

Prepared by Dairy Farmers of Ontario Economic Services, this handbook contains about 60 tables covering the wide range of statistics collected about the Ontario dairy industry.

Download the complete booklet - (695 KB PDF)

Click here for latest Monthly Dairy Stats

DFO Policy Booklet

These two policy books are a compendium of the major DFO Quota, Milk Transportation and Raw Milk Quality Program policies and procedures that apply to producers.

The policy books are periodically reprinted and sent to all licensed producers. Changes that have occurred since then are included in these electronic versions which have been updated to include various interactive links to make navigation easier. The on-line English versions of both documents were uploaded in February and April 2016. French updates will be available shortly. All changes to the documents are tracked in an appendix at the back of each book.

While the policy books cover most DFO or milk quality policy issues of concern to producers, they are not intended to include all of the policies or procedures of DFO. Producers should contact their DFO Field Services Representative or appropriate head office staff for clarification on issues that are not included in the policy books.

Download the complete booklets:

2016 Ontario Dairy Farm Accounting Project Annual Report

The Ontario DairyFarmAccounting Project (ODFAP) is a co-operative project of DairyFarmers of Ontario, the Canadian DairyCommission (and Agriculture Canada) andthe University of Guelph.

ODFAP develops and maintains a regular, representative and consistent farm production and management data which meets the farm data base requirements of the Ontario dairy industry for policy, research and extension purposes. This is done by maintaining a sample of farms which represents typical Ontario dairy farm situations and different levels of technology, regional differences and other significant factors.

Download the full report

Animal Care

Dairy Farmers of Ontario is the legislated authority to license all dairy farmers in the province of Ontario to produce and market milk.

Dairy Farmers of Canada’s (DFC) proAction is an efficient and coordinated national program that will allow Canada’s dairy industry to continue its business leadership in producing quality milk by integrating on-farm customer assurance programs.

View proAction page



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