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Health and Nutrition

Last Updated: July 13, 2012

These links will open a new window at the Dairy Farmers of Canada Web site. This group provides materials and resources that are great for consumers.


Nice Cream - Make better choices for you and your family. Choose ice cream over frozen desserts.

Good Health - With a busy schedule, it's not always easy to make smart choices or to stay in shape. Find out how milk products and better habits can lead you to good health.

Nutritional Advice - Good nutrition is good for you, and your family. Learn how to eat well with Canada’s Food Guide and adopt healthy habits the whole family will love.

Your Healthy Weight - Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not about looks. A healthy weight can improve your well-being and increase your chances of living a healthy life.

Cooking with the Kids: Fun, Healthy, Tasty - Getting children involved in their meals can help develop healthy eating habits for a lifetime. And it's fun, too.

Are you getting enough milk? - Every day, the majority of Canadian adults do not consume enough milk products This means that Canadians are depriving themselves of calcium and many other important nutrients, day in, day out. And yet milk products are delicious, refreshing, nutritious and so much more! Getting the recommended number of daily servings is key for a healthy and great-tasting diet.

Recharge With Milk - Are you getting everything your body needs after a workout? A sports drink alone may not be enough. Recent studies suggest that drinking chocolate milk 15-30 minutes after vigorous activity can help to speed up recovery and recharge your body, making your next workout better.

Cheese and Wine Planner - The best matches are made with Canadian cheese.



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