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DFC signs contract with Holstein Canada

July 30, 2018

In July 2018, Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) and Holstein Canada signed a four-year contract for the provision of proAction cattle assessment services, which takes effect Oct. 15, 2018. This was the result of careful consideration by provincial boards across Canada and DFC.

Contract highlights

Under the new contract, cattle assessments will cost $7 per cow assessed, plus a $125 herd visit fee, which is the same herd visit fee from Holstein Canada for classification services. This fee structure will apply to all producers whether they are Holstein Canada’s classification clients or not. If the assessment is conducted during a classification visit, the $125 farm visit fee is credited back to the producer. This cost includes Holstein Canada’s overhead costs, such as assessor training, administration and information technology infrastructure.

In regards to the scheduling process, Holstein Canada will send a letter to producers three weeks prior to the timeframe an assessor is expected to arrive in their area, advising them of their upcoming cattle assessment. Once in the area, the Holstein Canada assessor will contact producers directly to set up an appointment. It is very important producers respond to the assessors’ attempts to contact them in order to avoid additional fees resulting from a cattle assessment having to be completed outside of the window they were originally scheduled for.

In order to provide advance notice, Dairy Farmers of Ontario will send written communication to Ontario producers about three months prior to the timeframe their cattle assessment has been scheduled. In addition, DFO’s website will include a link to Holstein Canada’s schedule so producers can monitor when assessors will be in their area.

Status of current contract with Holstein Canada

Holstein Canada anticipates completing the remaining first-round assessments by the end of December 2018. Even though the new contract starts in October 2018, Holstein Canada will honour the current contract pricing for first-round assessments for existing producers. For classification clients whose assessments are conducted during a classification visit, Holstein Canada currently performs the cattle assessment at no extra charge. For non-clients, the cost is $6 per cow plus $100 herd visit fee.

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