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Updated: April 17, 2018
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Higher Amount of Damaged Producer Samples

April 17, 2018

Due to the ice storm on the weekend of April 14 &15 2018, many milk sample depots experienced power outages and many producer milk samples were temperature damaged and could not be tested.

Regulatory changes receive final approval

April 3, 2018

As a result of harmonization of milk quality programs across the P5 Provinces, Ontario Regulation 761 has been amended to reflect new penalty provisions for Somatic Cell Count (SCC), bacteria and Abnormal Freezing Point (AFP). Animal care and welfare regulations will also be introduced. 

In late March 2018, the amended Regulation received final approval. Changes come into force May 1, 2018. 

For details on the regulatory changes, Please click here

Canadian dairy industry booming

March 28, 2018

As the U.S. takes aim at Canada’s dairy sector as it attempts to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, the nation’s farmers and processors are forging ahead with some of their biggest expansions and investments in more than a decade.

By Jen Skerritt. 

March 27, 2018

Bloomberg News

read more

P5 Quota Announcement

March 8, 2018

Production is currently increasing faster than projected market growth with the P5 provinces currently being at maximum skimming capacity.  Going forward the large number of underproduction credits held by P5 producers could increase the production and market imbalance.

As a result of high production levels, as of January 31 the butter stocks are 29,385 tonnes and it is projected that the target butter stock levels of 35,000 tonnes may be exceeded by August 1, 2018.  Cream requirements are currently being met and any surplus cream leads to increased butter stocks.

Taking all these factors into account, the P5 Boards have decided not to extend the incentive day beyond March 2018. The Boards also agreed there will be no further quota issuance in the 2017-2018 dairy year. 

The Boards will be reviewing production in relation to market requirements in April 2018. If P5 production does not stabilize, the Boards will consider further production reduction measures to bring production in line with market requirements. 


Month/Mois Conventional Only/ Conventionnel seulement Organic Only/ Biologique seulement
March/Mars 2018 1 4
April/avril 2018 0 3
May/mai 2018 0 3
June/juin 2018 0 3
July/juillet 2018 0 3
August/aout 2018 2 5
September/septembre 2018 3 6
October/octobre 2018 3 6
November/novembre 2018 2 5
December/ décembre 2018 0 3
January/janvier 2019 0 3
February/février 2019 0 3
March/mars 2019 0 3


Alors que les provinces de P5 sont à leur maximum en termes de capacité d’écrémage, on constate que la production courante augmente plus rapidement que la croissance de marché prevue. En tenant compte de la tolérance accumulée des producteurs des provinces de P5, le désiquilibre entre la production et le marché pourrait s’accentuer pour les prochaines mois.

La production élevée se traduit par des stocks de janvier 2018 qui se situent à 29 383 tonnes. D’autre part, il est prévu que le niveau de stocks de 35 000 tonnes soit dépassé d’ici août 2018. Les besoins en crème sont couramment satisfaits et tous les surplus de crème se retrouvent sous forme de stocks de beurre.

Tenant compte de tous ces éléments, les offices des provinces de P5 ont décidé de ne pas prolonger l’émission de la journée incitative au-delà de mars 2018. Les CA se sont également mis d’accord de ne pas faire d’émission de droit de produire additionnelle en 2017-18.

Les CA des provinces de P5 réviseront le niveau de production en relation avec le marché en avril 2018. Dans le cas où la production ne se stabiliserait pas, les offices considéront  des mesures additionnelles afin d’assurer une cohérence entre la production et les besoins du marché.

DFO Represented at Restaurants Canada Show

February 23, 2018

RCShow Twitter handle: @RCShowCanada


TORONTO, Ontario - February 23, 2018 - Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) is excited to announce the beginning of an integrated partnership with Restaurants Canada. The organizations will work together to support the hospitality and food service and distribution industries access Ontario’s supply of high-quality, locally-produced agri-foods.

“The Ontario dairy sector continues to prioritize food safety and quality over all else. Not only is that our industry standard of practice, it's what makes the milk and dairy products we produce among the best in the world,” said Graham LLoyd, DFO General Manager and CEO. “DFO is working with Restaurants Canada to connect thought-leaders from both the dairy and food industries in the interest of aligning the innovation that drives our sector forward. Both organizations and the industries they represent understand the need for improved access to the local food supply chain for the food industry, and to nutritious, local food for consumers.”

The partnership formally kicks off this weekend at the annual RC Show—Innovation Unleashed ,Canada’s largest foodservice trade event, taking place February 25 to 27, 2018, in Toronto, Ont. at the Enercare Centre.

On behalf of Ontario’s dairy producers and dairy sector partners, DFO is excited to engage and connect with the more than 16,000 hospitality professionals from across the Canadian food industry showcasing the exceptional quality and variety of Ontario cheese at three VIP events over three days as the industry comes together to shop, taste, learn, connect and do business.

DFO and Restaurants Canada intend to work in concert to promote food safety, quality, and nutrition and to facilitate new conversations and innovation to address the preferences and food trends consumers and the Canadian hospitality and culinary community care about most.

To learn more about Dairy Farmers of Ontario, please visit:

To learn more about Restaurants Canada and the RC Show, please visit:

Guests can enjoy the Opening Night Reception on Sunday, Feb. 25 where organizers will celebrate food innovation in Canada. As well, Top-to-Top Reception, an exclusive occasion and the largest networking event of the year, will enable industry leaders to gather and enjoy a culinary experience and network. Top chefs, beverage ambassadors and brands from across the country will take industry leaders and media influencers on an adventure to remember with live entertainment, inventive sips and bites, and special guest appearances throughout The Great Hall in Toronto’s Queen Street West district.

Breakfast with Champions, sponsored by leading dairy processor Saputo, will feature a delicious breakfast menu created by RC Show culinary curator and chef Charlotte Langley. This game-changing power breakfast will enable guests to learn about the latest innovations and key trends transforming the world of hospitality from top industry leaders.

Then there’s Tasting Bar Experience, a VIP lounge that will welcome exclusive guests and media personnel throughout the event. Finally, Garland Canada Chef Competition will be held throughout the event and will feature fresh Ontario ricotta cheese as a black box ingredient.

Service Provider Web Access

February 23, 2018

Interested in having your service provider (e.g. veterinarian, nutritionist) access your test results?

Click here for more information.

Consultation on nutritional labelling

February 16, 2018

The Government of Canada has announced it is launching the Food Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbol Consumer Consultation, inviting Canadians to provide input to help guide the choice of a nutrition symbol for the front of food packages in Canada. 

This labelling has been created to identify foods high in sugar, salt or saturated fat. By exempting whole milk from this proposed policy, Health Canada recognizes the scientific evidence demonstrating the nutritional value of milk as a key contributor to the health of Canadians. However, as currently proposed, many other dairy products rich in essential nutrients will be stigmatized by a warning label that may confuse consumers as to which products are healthy and which are not.

If you have taken part in previous Government of Canada online consultations, including the Canada's Food Guide consultation, you may have already received an email link to this consultation.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO), together with Dairy Farmers of Canada, is encouraging all Canadian dairy farmers to participate in the Food Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbol Consumer Consultation to ensure Canadians continue to enjoy nutritious dairy products as part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

Please check DFO’s communications channels, including email, the website and social media, for further communication and guidance on these consultations.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario is the title sponsor of the 2018 Recharge with Milk Men’s Tankard

January 30, 2018

Mississauga, Jan. 30, 2018 – Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) is helping Ontario’s curling elite to recharge with milk as the title sponsor of the 2018 Recharge with Milk Men’s Tankard Curling Championships. 

“We are delighted to sponsor this exciting event for the fourth year,” Ralph Dietrich, DFO Board Chair said. “We are proud of these Ontario athletes and are happy to support them, through both our title sponsorship, and of course providing chocolate milk to help refuel and recharge curlers as they sweep their way to success.”

The tankard will be hosted by the Huntsville Curling Club at the Canada Summit Centre in Huntsville, Ont., from Jan. 31 to Feb. 4, 2018. The event is held in co-operation with the Ontario Curling Association. Twelve teams from all of Ontario’s curling zones will play for their chance to represent the province in the national Tim Hortons Brier in Regina, Sask., March 3 to 11, 2018.

The 2018 Recharge with Milk Tankard will attract many spectators and thousands of viewers on Title Sports Live, an Internet live streaming sports broadcaster.

The benefits of drinking milk as an effective workout beverage have been touted by athletes and researchers alike. The combination of carbohydrates, high-quality protein, fluid and electrolytes makes chocolate milk an excellent choice for athletes to refuel, repair and recharge. Research further shows 2% milk has significant post-sport rehydration benefits, surpassing sport drinks and water.

To learn more about how milk and chocolate milk rehydrates, refuels and recharges, please visit:

Visit for more information on the 2018 Recharge with Milk Men’s Tankard.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s response to US claims about Canadian dairy trade

January 29, 2018

Dairy Farmers of Ontario DFO GM and CEO responds to US claims about Canadian dairy trade. 

Read More






P5 Quota Announcement

January 24, 2018

Fall Incentive Days Conventional and Organic

All producers will be issued the following incentive days on a non-cumulative basis, of 2 days for August, 3 days for September, 3 days for October and 2 days for November 2018.

The table below provides a summary of all incentive days.

Market Demand

The P5 Quota Committee will continue to monitor milk production and market demand and determine if any further adjustments are required.



Journée additionnelle conventionnel et biologique pour l’automne

Tous les producteurs se verront émettre 2 jours additionnels pour les mois d’août et novembre 2018 et  3 jours additionels pour septembre et octobre 2018, sur une base non cumulative.

La demande du marché

Le comité sur le quota du P5 va continuer de surveiller les tendances de marché et la production, et fournira des mises à jour si des ajustements supplémentaires sont requis.



Month/Mois Conventional Only/ Conventionnel seulement Organic Only/ Biologique seulement
January/Janvier 2018 1 4
February/Février 2018 1 4
March/Mars 2018 1 4
April/avril 2018 0 3
May/mai 2018 0 3
June/juin 2018 0 3
July/juillet 2018 0 3
August/aout 2018 2 5
September/septembre 2018 3 6
October/octobre 2018 3 6
November/novembre 2018 2 5
December/ décembre 2018 0 3
January/janvier 2019 0 3
February/février 2019 0 3
March/mars 2019 0 3

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