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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: May 1, 2017
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  • What is proAction?
    • proAction is Canadian dairy farmers’ quality and sustainability program. It is comprised of the following elements:
      Milk Quality;
      Food Safety, under the Canadian Quality Milk (CQM) program, already implemented on most farms;
      Animal Care;
      Livestock Traceability;
      Environmental Sustainability.
      Initiated by Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) and supported by all provincial boards, proAction is an objective and accurate platform for dairy farmers to tell their story, one of dedication and commitment to quality, animal well-being, care for the environment and a sustainability journey that shows great leadership.

  • Why proAction? What is its purpose?
    • Canada’s dairy farmers are recognized as world leaders in producing quality milk. Both processors and consumers believe this to be true and have confidence in the milk we produce. The key to our ongoing and future success, however, is to maintain both processor and consumer confidence in the quality and sustainability of the Canadian milk that goes into the dairy products they enjoy.
      Through proAction, farmers do their part in ensuring a supply of safe, high quality Canadian dairy products that consumers, processors and retailers can be confident about and proud of.

  • Who establishes the program requirements?
    • One of the principles of proAction is that the program is developed “by farmers for farmers”. National committees or working groups have been established for every proAction element. These groups are chaired by producers and include academia, subject matter experts (e.g. veterinarians), government representatives, as well as staff from the provincial organizations and DFC. Requirements are approved by a producer committee called “proAction Committee” and the DFC Board.

  • When will proAction be implemented?
    • While the requirements are being integrated into a single program, they will be implemented in a step-wise manner. Farmers are required to comply with the Animal Care and Livestock Traceability requirements as of September 2017. Biosecurity and Environmental Sustainability requirements must be implemented by September 2019 and September 2021, respectively. On-farm verification or “validations” begin September 2017.

  • Who will be delivering this program and performing the validations?
    • Provincial organizations are responsible for delivering proAction to their producers, including training and validations.

      In Ontario, training is available to producers in three-formats: Classroom, online (at no additional cost to producers), and on-farm.

      Classroom and on-farm training are delivered by veterinarians who have been trained and authorized by DFO to do so. The list of proAction Advisors can be found here. An online training course provides an overview of the program, requirements and implementation.

      Validations will continue to be performed by DFO Field Services Representatives.

  • How much work will proAction be for producers?
    • Producers can expect several new requirements with proAction. However, many of the requirements have already been implemented on-farm through the CQM program and the Provincial Raw Milk Quality Program through Grade A requirements.

      There are many common areas across proAction modules and the Grade A inspection program. Therefore, they will be integrated into a single evaluation process, performed at the same time. This will eliminate duplication, simplify the program for producers and validators, as well as remove the need for separate farm visits.

  • What will the consequences be if my farm does not meet proAction requirements?
    • In Ontario, producers who do not meet proAction requirements will be assessed a financial penalty. Effective September 1, 2017, the CQM penalty program will transition into the proAction penalty program.

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