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Disposal of Livestock Medicines

Last Updated: March 11, 2013

How to properly dispose of medicines and equipment:

  • Product label often provides disposal information.
  • If in doubt call your veterinarian, medicine outlet, the manufacturer (use label information)
    or your local waste disposal authority (usually found in blue pages of phone book).
  • Educate your staff about handling and disposal procedures.
  • Store waste material in a limited access area that can be locked.
  • Segregate biomedical waste from regular waste and mark accordingly (colour
    code if necessary).
  • Use caution when handling and disposing of biomedical waste. This includes:

    1. Needles, syringes, blades or other items which may cut or puncture (commonly called sharps)
    2. Vaccines (live or modified)
    3. Bandages or items soaked with blood, serum, pus, urine or other body fluids
    4. Tissues, cultures, body fluids and blood from animals infected with diseases communicable to humans
    5. Cultures of bacteria or fungi
  • Use a sharps container for disposal of needles.
  • Follow label directions for disposal of medicines or medicine containers.
  • Check with your local landfill site for restrictions on disposal of medicines (usually governed by provincial or municipal regulations).
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