What is World School Milk Day (WSMD)?

WSMD, an initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is celebrated in September. The goal is to organize a day focused on school milk programs, highlighting the importance of milk in student’s diets in cultures around the globe.

Over 40 countries around the world including China, Iran, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, and Thailand will celebrate WSMD, demonstrating that interest in school milk is global. Common elements in many of the events include free milk for students; competitions and sporting events; milk-related activities in school curricula; teacher support material; and national figures to endorse the day and school milk programs.

The first WSMD was celebrated in September 2000 and has since become an annual event in countries throughout the world. The exchange of information on WSMD events is coordinated by the FAO’s Commodities and Trade Division.

For more information on how WSMD is celebrated around the world please visit: http://www.fao.org/es/ESC/en/15/162/181/events_534.html



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