Milk Celebrations Around the Globe

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
2500 families attended a special event where children enjoyed ceramic colouring, a cow quiz, cow drawing competitions and a variety of interactive games all centered on the topic of healthy and nutritious milk. Free samples of flavoured and plain, long-life milk were provided.

In a special ceremony, kids made crafts out of milk cartons and held colorful banners and place cards written with why they should drink milk and how it is important for their bodies and their growth.

Over 2,000,000 children receive school milk daily in China. To celebrate its importance, special events were held across the countryside including; donated milk and milk nutrition manuals, poster creating competitions, drawings, cartoons, slogans, calligraphies, stories, milk carton structures and compositions on the benefits of milk. 6,000 children participated in an online nutrition competition and 72 junior high and elementary schools participated in a “2-A-Day, Milk You Healthier” campaign to let pupils know the benefits of milk.

Celebrations included the provision of warm milk drinks to school children; competitions and prizes; nutrition seminars; press releases and speeches by local political figures.

Groups of school children visited milk processing plants and free milk was distributed at rural primary schools.

Two daylong dairy carnivals in Lahore and Karachi included games such as a sack race, three-legged race, milk relay race, a fancy dress show, lucky draws and appearances from the Milkateer and Moomoo costumed brand ambassadors. Winners received prizes and trophies with all participating students being awarded certificates.

United Kingdom
Captain Milk led the way in celebrating by challenging school children to identify some of the flags of the world. A simple multi-choice quiz asked children to place pictures of the national flags against the correct country. Those that got them all right went into a draw, where six lucky winners received a world globe for use in class, educational vouchers and a supply of Captain Milk stickers.

Frisian Flag Indonesia, the international dairy-based nutrition company, launched “GESIT” - an easy and healthy three-minute routine, based on scientific research, that combines physical exercise with daily milk consumption in such a way that one’s body and brain can become more active and alert. The GESIT program aims to encourage Indonesians to try making small changes that can lead to making a big difference.

Celebrations were part of a holiday - Shavuot, in which it is traditional to eat dairy products. There were milk festivals all over the country. The dairy Board joined the party by sending out 8000 kits of stories, games and other activities for every child to play with and learn about the nutritional importance of milk as a part of a balanced diet.

An “ilovemilk” English Speech contest occurred where elementary school students presented their various opinions on milk in English. The final winner received an award from the agricultural minister and a scholarship. Farm tours were held where participants had the chance to experience daily life on the farm and to make milk products such as ice cream by themselves.

Using their motto “Faster, Stronger, Smarter“Germany relayed how Milk, as part of a balanced diet, helps to recover your strength. A “Milk Quartet” sang in a playful manner about the importance of milk and milk products and children received a certificate appointing them official “milk experts”.

The “Let’s Drink Milk” event had a mascot parade, exhibition, educational zone, games, interviews with celebrities and doctors, a mini concert, free bone density tests and free milk distribution.


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