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Updated: August 16, 2019
*New* You can now subscribe to the DFO "Industry News" as an RSS news feed and have it delivered automatically to your tablet or mobile device.

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$1.75 billion trade compensation

August 16, 2019

Dairy farmers in Ontario and across Canada are grateful to the Canadian government for the compensation announced today, which will help mitigate the losses sustained in the sector as a result of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade deals.

The federal government will allocate $1.75 billion to help Canadian dairy producers deal with the impacts from the two trade agreements. The funds will be allocated over an eight-year period based on individual producer quota holdings.

“Ontario dairy producers appreciate the federal government following through on its commitment to continue to support the industry, and are pleased the federal government recognized the impact of the CETA and CPTPP trade agreements on the sector,” says Murray Sherk, Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s chair. “The compensation will continue to allow Canadian dairy farmers to succeed at what they do best—delivering safe, nutritious food to Canadian families.”

Dairy Farmers of Canada estimates the market access granted under CETA, CPTPP and the Canada-USA-Mexico Agreement, represents an annual loss equivalent to 8.4 per cent of the country’s milk production. Adding these concessions to the access already granted under the World Trade Organization, it is estimated by 2024, nearly 20 per cent of domestic demand for dairy products will be met by imports.

“There is no doubt conceding part of our domestic dairy market has had a major impact on the livelihoods of dairy producers,” says Pierre Lampron, Dairy Farmers of Canada’s (DFC) president. “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recognized this and committed to mitigating this impact. We welcome today’s announcement as a continuation of this commitment.”

DFO hires new CEO

August 14, 2019

Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s Board of Directors announced today Cheryl Smith has been hired as chief executive officer (CEO), effective Aug. 19, 2019.

Smith is a highly experienced business leader with 30 years of leadership experience, including leading a billion-dollar revenue-generating business with a team of more than 150 employees. She recently retired from Parmalat as a member of the executive team and general manager of the Cheese Division.

Named as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada and most recently a Golden Pencil Award Winner, Smith brings proven leadership and valuable experience to the organization. DFO is fortunate to have her join the team as CEO.

“Cheryl will help us realize a dynamic profitable growing Canadian dairy industry. As we face many challenges of the future, we felt having a leader who understands consumers, the food chain and the interconnectivity of our dairy industry has great benefit. She is a forward-facing thinker with an acute understanding of the opportunities ahead. We have every confidence Cheryl will make great contributions to DFO and our industry at large,” says Murray Sherk, Chair of the Board.

For more details, see the full announcement by clicking this link.

P5 quota announcement

August 1, 2019

Fall Incentive Days Conventional

The P5 Boards have reviewed the milk production and market trends, as well as processing capacity, and announce an additional incentive day to be issued on a non-cumulative basis in September and October, for a total of: 3 days for September; 3 days for October; and 1 day for November 2019.

The P5 Quota Committee will continue to monitor milk production and market demand.

The P5 Quota Committee remains committed to quota issuance harmonization, effective November 1, 2019.

The table below provides a summary of all incentive days.


Journée additionnelle conventionnel pour l’automne

Les offices de P5 ont analysé la production laitière, la tendance du marché ainsi que la capacité de transformation. Il y aura une émission  d’incitatifs à  raison de 1 journée additionnelle pour les mois de septembre et octobre , pour un total de 3 journées en septembre, 3 journées en octobre et 1 journée en novembre 2019 sur une base non-cumulative.

Le comité sur le quota du P5 va continuer de surveiller les tendances de marché et la production.

Le Comité de quota demeure engagé à harmoniser l’émission de quota le 1er novembre 2019.

Le tableau suivant résume l’émission d’incitatifs:

Month/Mois Conventional / Conventionnel Organic / Biologique
August/août 2019 0 4
September/septembre 2019 3 4
October/octobre 2019 3 4
November/novembre 2019 1 4


Celebrate Food Day Canada on Aug. 3

July 31, 2019

To shine a light on Canadian cuisine, Canadians will come together to enjoy and celebrate food and their food stories in person and online during Food Day Canada on Aug. 3.

Who? Anyone and everyone who loves Canadian ingredients, including chefs, home cooks, farmers, ranchers, fishers, writers, winemakers, brewers, food processors, researchers and more. 

When? Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019 

Where? Various locations. Activities could include backyard barbecues, picnics, potlucks, dine in and dine out. This event is a time for people to enjoy Canadian-grown, Canadian-made food and drinks.

Join the party:

  • Share menus, pictures and stories of Canadian food and the people who work hard to make it happen;
  • See the list of Canadian ingredients for help on how to shop and cook like a Canadian;
  • Share on social media using the hashtag #FoodDayCanada and tag @FoodDayCanada.

Iconic structures are being lit red and white in honour of Canadian cuisine—from the Confederation Centre in St. John’s, N.L., to the CN Tower in Toronto, Ont., to City Hall in Vancouver, B.C.

For more information on restaurants and special events celebrating Food Day Canada, contact Anita Stewart, founder of Food Day Canada, at 519-829-5010 or

Visit and follow @FoodDayCanada on social media.

PDO Ontario and Quebec farm tour

July 2, 2019

Date: August 20 to 23, 2019

Starting location: Woodstock, Ont.

Registration deadline: Monday, July 8, 2019

Producers and agribusiness personnel are encouraged to join the Progressive Dairy Operators (PDO) on its eastern Ontario and western Quebec farm tour from Aug. 20 to 23.

The event includes four days of touring by coach bus. Meals and accommodations are $500 for PDO members, and $550 for non-members.

The bus tour departs from Woodstock, Ont. Stops along the way include:

  • Tweed Cannabis Plant;
  • Dairy Distillery, Vodkow producer;
  • A resort hotel in Lac Carling, Que.;
  • Several farms in Ontario and Quebec with various technology, including automated feeding systems, an anaerobic digester, alternative bedding mixtures, tiestall robots, a moving floor in the calf barn and a 50-stall rotary milking parlour.

Visit to view the full itinerary, register for the tour or become a PDO member.

The registration closes on July 8, 2019.

For questions or more information, contact Nicole Perkins at or 519-515-9956.

Mental health news now available as an RSS feed

June 28, 2019

Dairy Farmers of Ontario has updated the mental health news box on the Mental Health page.

It is now an RSS news feed, similar to the “Industry News” RSS feed and on DFO's home page.

By subscribing to the RSS feed, you will automatically receive news items (by push notifications) to your computer, tablet or cell phone through a feed reader.

If you don’t use feed readers, there will be no change: when you check the Mental Health web page for updates, news items will continue showing up at the top as before.


Click here for the mental health RSS feed link to subscribe by adding it your feed reader.

Click here for instructions on using a feed reader for DFO news.

DFC’s annual meeting in Saskatoon

June 20, 2019

Dairy Farmers of Canada's annual general meeting is coming soon.

Join industry peers in Saskatoon, Sask., to discuss issues affecting the future of the dairy industry, identify opportunities to continue to move forward and celebrate the industry’s successes.

Date: July 14 to 17, 2019

Location: Saskatoon, Sask.

Host hotel: Delta Bessborough

Click here to access the conference agenda.

For more conference details, to register or book your hotel room, please visit

Questions? Please email or call the SaskMilk office at (306) 949-6999.




L’assemblée générale annuelle des PLC dans Saskatoon

L’assemblée générale annuelle des Producteurs laitiers du Canada est à nos portes.

Joignez-vous à vos pairs dans Saskatoon, en Saskatchewan. Ensemble, nous aborderons comment nous pouvons nous attaquer collectivement aux enjeux qui ont une incidence sur l’avenir de l’industrie laitière, nous ciblerons des occasions de poursuivre la progression de notre secteur et nous célébrerons nos succès.

Date : Du 14 au 17 juillet 2019

Emplacement : Saskatoon, Sask.

Hôtel hôte : Delta Bessborough

Cliquez ici pour accéder au programme de l’assemblée.

Pour plus d’information sur l’assemblée, pour vous inscrire ou encore pour réserver votre chambre d’hôtel, visitez le

Des questions? Veuillez écrire à ou appeler au bureau de SaskMilk au 306-949-6999.

New partnership with The Amazing Race Canada television series

June 19, 2019

Dairy Farmers of Ontario is excited to announce a new partnership with CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada TV series, a reality show where participants compete in teams to race across Canada and the world and compete in challenges along the way.

This season, the grand prize winners will receive $250,000 in cash, two new Chevrolet Blazer RS vehicles and a trip around the world.

Season 7 begins airing on July 2, 2019. More information on The Amazing Race Canada is here.

Click here to view the press release on their partnerships including DFO.

Stay tuned for more details.

P5 quota announcement: Fall incentive days conventional

June 18, 2019

P5 boards have reviewed milk production, market trends and processing capacity, and announced the following incentive days to be issued on a non-cumulative basis: two (2) days for September, two (2) days for October, and one (1) day for November 2019.

The P5 quota committee will continue to monitor milk production and market demand, and determine if additional incentive days are required. The committee remains committed to quota issuance harmonization, effective Nov. 1, 2019.

As previously announced, effective Aug. 1 2019, Ontario will remove the credit day limitation measure, and its over-quota penalty will be $0 per hectolitre.

The table below summarizes all incentive days:

Month Conventional Organic
July 2019 0 4
August 2019 0 4
September 2019 2 4
October 2019 2 4
November 2019 1 4


Journée additionnelle conventionnel pour l’automne

Les offices de P5 ont analysé la production laitière, la tendance du marché ainsi que la capacité de transformation. Il y aura une émission  d’incitatifs à  raison de 2 jours additionnels pour les mois de septembre et octobre  et 1 jour additionnnel en novembre 2019 sur une base non cumulative.

Le comité sur le quota du P5 va continuer de surveiller les tendances de marché et la production, et déterminera si des journées additionnelles supplémentaires seront requises.

Le Comité de quota demeure engagé à harmoniser l’émission de quota le 1er novembre 2019.

Selon l'annonce précédente, le 1er août 2019, l’Ontario enlèvera la limitation de tolérance mensuelle et la pénalité de hors quota 20$/hL sera également réduite à 0$/hL.

Le tableau suivant résume l’émission d’incitatifs:

Mois Conventionnel Biologique
juillet 2019 0 4
août 2019 0 4
septembre 2019 2 4
octobre 2019 2 4
novembre 2019 1 4

Training has begun for proAction biosecurity requirements and key animal care issues

June 18, 2019

Canadian dairy producers have started implementing biosecurity requirements as part of the proAction program, which will become mandatory in September 2019.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) developed a training program that includes biosecurity requirements and other key animal care issues. One hundred and twenty-four veterinarians across Ontario were trained by DFO as proAction advisers to deliver classroom and on-farm producer training.

The proAction program is an efficient and co-ordinated national program that reinforces the dairy industry’s leadership and encourages continuous improvement toward producing high-quality milk and raising healthy cows. For more information about the program, click here.

This project was funded in part through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of the partnership in Ontario.

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