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Bulk Tank Milk Grader Course Information

Last Updated: March 16, 2018

Apprentice Evaluation

This consists of a supervised truck ride, where a DFO Marketing Officer evaluates the applicant, to ensure that they fully understand their responsibilities and that they are following all of the procedures associated with the grading and transporting of milk from the farm to the processing plant.

BTMG Course

This course provides the applicant with hands-on experience, as well as instruction on the duties and responsibilities of a Bulk Tank Milk Grader. It also provides the applicant with information on such topics as, milk quality and composition; the use of hand-held computers, the tank truck inspection program and the duties and responsibilities of a Plant Milk and Cream Grader (PMCG). Further information on the PMCG's course may be obtained from the Ontario Dairy Council Web site.

BTMG Certificate

This certificate is valid for five years. Certificate holders who wish to renew their certificate for an additional five years are required to take a BTMG Refresher Course. The refresher course consists of a written take-home, open-book exam that is provided in advance and a practical milk grading session. Refresher courses, generally two to four hours in length, take place in the evening and take place three to four months prior to the expiration of the certificate.

For further information on dates and locations of upcoming courses, please contact Dairy Farmers of Ontario:

Phone: 905-817-2103
Fax: 905-821-0430

BTMG Course Registration Form

Reference Manual for BTMGs

BTMG Manual

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