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Raw Milk Quality - A Resource Toolbox For Producers

Last Updated: May 16, 2018

Raw Milk Quality Policies

DFO is responsible for regulations relating to Grade A farms, raw milk quality standards, truck-tank inspections, and Bulk Tank Milk Grader (BTMG) certification, recertification and monitoring. DFO ensures that producers, transporters and BTMGs comply with provincial regulations and/or DFO policies pertaining to farmyards, lanes and biosecurity.

DFO is not responsible for raw milk testing. The University of Guelph under contract to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs provides testing services for producers. Dairy Farmers of Ontario sends out "pink" advisory letters to inform producers of milk quality penalties.

Producers can access their composition and quality test results through DFO's MILKLINE
(1-800-386-9109) and Farmers Login. A user name (licence #) and password are needed to access information.

Please refer to the Raw Milk Quality Policy Book (English | French) for a complete listing of DFO's raw milk quality policies

Effective May 1, 2018 - Ontario regulations for Somatic Cell Count (SCC), bacteria and Abnormal Freezing Point (AFP) are being amended. SCC and bacteria penalty thresholds will be administered on a demerit based system. Animal care and welfare regulations are also introduced.  For more information on the changes, view the following Fact Sheet (EN / FR).
The amended Regulation 761 is available at here

Producer Resources

The following sections contain information about testing, tips that may help to reduce test counts and evaluation forms to use on your farm.

Producer Programs on the Web

Contact Listing

A complete listing of DFO Field Service Representatives





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