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DFO responds to new food guide

January 22, 2019

Please the message below from Graham Lloyd, general manager and CEO, Dairy Farmers of Ontario.

The format of the Food Guide has changed, and dairy is still part of the guide and it is important that milk products are recognized as an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet.

However, Dairy Farmers of Ontario is extremely concerned that the Guide prefers Canadians consume plant-based proteins rather than dairy and animal-based proteins, and to only consume low-fat dairy without evidence to make these recommendations. We all want a Food Guide that promotes healthy eating. 

Unfortunately, this new Guide makes recommendations that go against the findings of Health Canada’s 2015 Evidence Review on Dietary Guidance, the public position of thousands of North American doctors, as well as sound scientific evidence: “When examining medical data, there is no scientific basis for the federal government to advise Canadians to reduce their dairy consumption. Recommendations to stop or reduce consuming any particular food must rely on conclusive scientific and medical findings. There is no conclusive evidence  to recommend Canadians stop consuming high fat dairy or reduce dairy intake.”

Dairy Farmers of Ontario will continue to support a balanced, healthy diet for all Canadians.

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