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Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

November 29, 2018

November 28, 2018 - Ottawa

Re: USMCA Agreement

Dear Prime Minister,

On behalf of dairy farmers across Canada, we are writing at this time due to the concern that the current final text of the USMCA will cause further harm to the Canadian dairy industry. The existing text fundamentally undermines Canadian sovereignty. Simply stated, Appendix 3, Section C10 and 11 grants the US oversight into the administration of our Canadian dairy system which undermines Canadian sovereignty and ability to manage Canadian dairy without US intervention.

At a meeting with your key officials following the announcement of the agreement and publication of the US text, Dairy Farmers of Canada was told that the issue of US oversight had not been agreed to by Canada – and would not be part of the final agreement. We remain concerned that we have not yet seen a final text with this portion excluded.

Prime Minister, we ask that, to prevent further damage to the Canadian dairy sector, you do not sign the USMCA until the US oversight of our dairy system has been removed from the agreement. This is a matter of Canadian sovereignty; Canada’s dairy farmers are counting on you to remain steadfast.


Pierre Lampron, President, Dairy Farmers of Canada

Dave Taylor, Chair, BC Dairy Association

Tom Kootstra, Chair, Alberta Milk

Melvin Foth, Chair, SaskMilk

David Wiens, Chair, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

Ralph Dietrich, Chair, Dairy Farmers of Ontario

Bruno Letendre, Chair, Les Producteurs de lait du Québec

Paul Gaunce, Chair, Dairy Farmers of New Brunswick

Les Brophy, Chair, Dairy Farmers of Newfoundland and Labrador

Gerrit Damsteegt, Chair, Dairy Farmers of Nova Scotia

Harold MacNevin, Chair, Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island


Message from David Wiens - video clip

Message from Pierre Lampron - video clip

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