Last Updated: October 9, 2019
Canada’s dairy farmers are recognized as world leaders in producing quality milk. Both processors and consumers believe this to be true and have confidence in the milk we produce. The key to our ongoing and future success, however, is to maintain both processor and consumer confidence in the quality and sustainability of the Canadian milk that goes into the dairy products they enjoy.
Dairy Farmers of Canada’s (DFC) proAction is an efficient and coordinated national program that will allow Canada’s dairy industry to continue its business leadership in producing quality milk by integrating on-farm customer assurance programs.

proAction integrates several elements into a single program. These elements are currently at different stages of development or implementation across the country:
  • Milk Quality - including sampling and quality testing programs, already implemented across Canada under provincial jurisdiction
  • Food Safety - the Canadian Quality Milk (CQM) Program, which is already implemented on most farms
  • Animal Care and Livestock Traceability– requirements have been finalized and implementation (validations) starts in September 2017
  • Biosecurity - based on the Biosecurity for Canadian Farms: National Standard. Implementation starts September 2019     
  • Environmental Sustainability - based on the Environmental Farm Plan. Implementation starts September 2021
proAction will reinforce the dairy industry’s leadership and encourage continuous improvement. Standards adhered to by all dairy farmers will strengthen our already solid reputation by providing proof to processors, retailers and consumers that we produce safe milk, responsibly.

The integrated proAction Reference Manual and Workbook are now available.  These documents replace the Food Safety (CQM) Reference Manual and Workbook as well as the Animal Care and Livestock Traceability Farmer Manual (dated July 2015), previously available on DFO's website.

The new proAction Reference Manual describes the Food Safety (CQM), Animal Care and Livestock Traceability requirements, which have been integrated into one seamless program.  "Place holders" have been left within the Reference Manual for Biosecurity and Environment requirements.  They will be included in an updated Manual scheduled for publication in September 2018.  Click below to access.
proAction Reference Manual English | French
proAction Workbook English | French
proAction Requirements Summary Booklet English | French
proAction Notice Of Change English | French
Biosecurity Reference Manual and Workbook English | French
On this page, you can find:

         Frequently Asked Questions and answers about the program

         Reference Documents you can read to learn more about topics related to proAction

         proAction Advisor List

         Pride in proAction

         Animal Care Notice of Change – Pain  control requirements for castration have
         changed, effective September 1, 2017 (English | French)

         New proAction Progress Report for 2017-2018, published March 2019

         CLTS Traceability Database

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